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We signed our son up last August and since then his grades have improved from getting D's and F's to honor roll. I later joined because I saw how much it did for him. I joined in December and in just four months lost 40lbs and have seen a dramatic improvement in my own lifestyle. One of the best decisions I've ever made. Great instructors and a family like atmosphere.

Justin Hardy

Martial Arts Shreveport

This has been by far the best activity my son has done. Both of my boys attend classes and they love it. Not only do they get to learn jiujitsu from talented instructors, but they also learn about respect, courtesy, and responsibility. It is a character building program and it is helping our boys grow into good young men while learning how to defend themselves and build confidence.

Mandy Anderson

Martial Arts Shreveport

RCJ Machado...the name speaks for itself. The academy is directly associated with the legendary Machados so it's legit. The facility is well taken care of. There's lots of room on the mats for a large class. With Professor Clontz and Coach Danny Creech on the mats, the knowledge of BJJ and quality instruction will keep you coming back for more rolls!

Dennis Casil

Martial Arts Shreveport

If I could give 100 stars in would! This school and the families it brings together is amazing. I could not ask for better role models for my two sons. They have brought nothing but confidence and integrity to my son's everyday life on and off the mat in or out of the class room right over to home. Thank you Danny and Jody Creech we are blessed to have you in our lives!!! Thank you again from the Murrell family!

Candy Buelterman

Martial Arts Shreveport

Great place to train with a great atmosphere!

Jason Booker

Martial Arts Shreveport

Both of my kids attend classes here, and they love it! I love that it is family led, and everyone is so nice and welcoming.

Angie Green

Martial Arts Shreveport

Coach Danny is a beast... Super nice guy with killer skills and a great teaching mentality.

Chris Holmes

Martial Arts Shreveport

I have two grandsons and two other family members that are taking this class. Danny and Jodi and the rest of the crew do an excellent job at teaching the kids martial arts but also discipline, respect (for others as well as for themselves), and self-esteem. My grandsons school work has improved as well as their actions at home. I would definitely recommend this class for children and adults.

James Bamburg

Martial Arts Shreveport

RCJ is not just about teaching BJJ; Danny and Jodi teach their students life lessons. My son has found self confidence on the mat, respect for the art of BJJ and the difference of competing and self defense in a real life situation. The caring family environment has led to my son finding best friends, relationships that I know will last a life time.

Melissa McCullough

Martial Arts Shreveport

I am a first year medical student, and I needed something to help me destress and take my mind off my studies for a couple hours. I have been at RCJ Machado Shreveport for almost a year now, and it has been just what I needed! Danny and Jodi are an awesome, awesome power couple. Danny is an excellent instructor, and he really makes sure that you understand the fundamentals so that you know why you're doing something vs. just doing it. Everyone makes you feel welcome, and everyone is always willing to help everyone else get better at BJJ. It is great exercise, and I have gained lots of friendships while being here.

Oh, and it just a ton of fun!!

Dieu Doan

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